PLUMEN 001 Overall Rating: Recommend*

Our colleagues over at Re-Nest have been waging war, pitting an assortment of light bulbs against one another to find which lighting solution not only is the most energy efficient, but more importantly, which provide the most eye-pleasing light. Here's the results thus far (gallery above showing overall score and detailed review link)...

Bulbs reviewed so far:

GE Energy Smart LED, 9 Watt - RECOMMEND
EcoSmart A19 8.6-Watt LED - RECOMMEND
Sylvania Living Spaces CFL - RECOMMEND
Philips AmbientLED Indoor FloodM - RECOMMEND
GE 13-Watt Energy Smart - RECOMMEND
Plumen 001 - RECOMMEND
Philips 12.5W AmbientLED A19 - STRONG RECOMMEND

Pharox 300 Dimmable LED - WEAK RECOMMEND
Philips R30 Reflector Flood - WEAK RECOMMEND
EcoSmart Soft White CFL 40W Equivalent - WEAK RECOMMEND