Computing from 10 feet away? Your keyboard causing wrist cramps and weird inflammation in strange places? And you're still sitting on that $10 "office chair" you purchased 4 years ago? While we don't go walking around with a huge sign that says, "You need ergonomics!!!" It's still kind of nice to know that we prioritize it just as much as our love for design, no? Here's to 2009's best in ergonomics...

Top row:
Survey: How Far Do You Sit From Your Monitor?
Good Questions: Non-Aeron Office Chair Picks?
Herman Miller Embody Chair in the Test Lab
Tech Tour: Gregory's Refreshed & Refreshing Home Office
DIY Project: 20 Dollar Monitor Stand
Bottom row:
Look! Aeron Chair Designer's Los Angeles Studio
Traditional Desk Chair or Something More Stylish?
Flickr Finds: David's Beautiful Desk
Ingenious Portable Industrial PVC Laptop Stand by AIAIAI
Top Ten: Alternative and Ergonomic Keyboards