Apple's ubiquitous iPhone is proving itself as the Swiss Army Knife of cell phones. With the ever-growing library of applications available in the iPhone App Store (The figure is somewhere between 50,000 and one gabillionty, a source confirmed), many stylish-space dwellers are finding that their phones are pulling double duty as everything from a level tool to a clock radio. You can even draw your bath with nothing but a swipe of your finger on that glossy touch screen. But it doesn't stop there. Check out our favorite home-related iPhone Apps of 2009 below.

Row 1:
1 iPhone Automated Bath Management System
2 ColorCapture Ben iPhone App Matches Paint Color In Photos
3 iPhone App Lets AT&T Know if Coverage Stinks at Your House
4 MySurface iPhone App Helps Choose Corian & Zodiaq Surfaces
5 iHandy Carpenter: The Tech Handyman's Companion

Row 2:
6 Electronics iPhone App Helps with DIY Projects
7 An iPhone App for Pet Owners: Pet First Aid
8 ThinkFlood RedEye Universal Remote Uses Your iPhone
9 SwedeShop iPhone app Helps Your Ikea Shopping Experience
10 TimeTuner: The Clock Radio iPhone App