The Best of Chair & 2005

Tomorrow night, we will be showcasing the top photographs from this past year's Chair & Exhibition, and asking for contributions for next year's theme. (FYI - we are also reserving wall space for our reader contributors and hoping they can bring prints). Remember that everything IS for sale.

While Chair & Grady got the sympathy vote, here now are the hard results of the recent reader's survey:

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1. Chair & Dead Wife

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2. Chair & Butterflies

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3. Chair & Elephants

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4. Chair & Shadows

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5. Chair & Sofas

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6. Chair & Tear

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7. Chair & Kelly (nude, backstage)

Honorable Mention:

Chair & Phillippe
Chair and Sid and QT
Chair and Bill's Mom
Chair & High School
Red Chair & Dry Lands
Chair and Leaves
Chair & Southern Exposure
Chair & Window
Chair & Suspenders
Chair & My Cousin

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