(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
In a convention center full of tile and stone, the stand-out products are usually beautiful, technically advanced or a combination of the two — like Natucer's new LifeArq collection. Moving beyond traditional uses of tile (think flooring, kitchens and bathrooms), LifeArq creates room dividers, ceramic screens and two styles of tile siding for wall installation.
LifeArq: Bamboo

• Bamboo — stacked cylinders of extruded tile create ceramic columns that are supported by an internal steel structure.
• Channel — ceramic siding! A series of overlapping panels ideal for indoor or outdoor application.
• Ivy — a textural room or space divider also supported by an internal steel structure. Ideal for outdoor settings to create a level of privacy.
• Scale — more ceramic siding! A gently arched overlapping "shingle" of ceramic tile.

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Images: Aaron Able