Tech Art: The Best Real-Life GRID-IT Compositions

Tech Art: The Best Real-Life GRID-IT Compositions

Taryn Williford
Jul 27, 2011

We've covered the GRID-IT before on Unplggd as an awesome solution for toting and storing hard-to-manage tech. But we never really saw it's other function—as a blank canvas, waiting for you to paint with your cords and devices. Let's stop tucking these in our messenger bags and start hanging them on the walls!

We have a personal persuasion that tech gets more gorgeous when laid out in a grid. (Just check out The Tech Collections of Team Unplggd for plenty of gluttonous oogling.)

So the GRID-IT system, which keeps your gear in check with a plaid patchwork of grippy elastics, lends itself to creating amalgamous compositions worthy of showcasing.

  1. Travellious reviews the GRID-IT in their Test Labs, giving us this awesome grid of tech travel essentials...
  2. this shot of a kit to keep flight necessities close at hand.
  3. French blog Le Journal du Geek shows off this camera-ready composition.
  4. Oh Gizmo! gets hands-on with the Cocoon laptop bag, packing tech gear into its built-in GRID-IT system.
  5. And the WiFi Edge blog shows us how even wireless network supplies can look sharp in a tidy little grid.

Interested in grabbing your own GRID-IT? Check out our write-up, then head to Cocoon Innovations and snag one for $9.99 to $49.99.

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