The Very Best Shiplap Hacks: Affordable, Reversible & Super-Simple

The Very Best Shiplap Hacks: Affordable, Reversible & Super-Simple

Katie Holdefehr
Sep 8, 2016
(Image credit: The Schmidt Home)

If you're a fan of HGTV's Fixer Upper, or if you've spent a lot of time on Pinterest in the past couple of years, then you probably know about the wildfire popularity of shiplap, a type of wood paneling. Technically speaking, "real" shiplap has grooves at the top and bottom, called rabbets, which allow the pieces to overlap for a watertight seal. Now that shiplap has gone from ship walls to homes across the country, the traditional style has been reinterpreted in a range of materials, while staying true to the pretty, rustic and nautical vibes of the original.

Ways to Get the Look:

There are several inexpensive and easy-to-find materials that can be used to imitate the highly-coveted look of shiplap. Check out these common materials, then see how they transform into shiplap in the inspiration images that follow.

Watch Them In Action:

(Image credit: Blue Sage Designs)

Rather than invest in solid wood panels, Kaily of Blue Sage Designs lined her bar area with inexpensive hardboard. Fifteen dollars worth of faux wood and a few coats of white paint later, this kitchen nook looks like the real deal.

(Image credit: Always Rooney)

Faux shiplap paneling cut from plywood underlayment demonstrates the power of a cheap material to make a room look like a million bucks. Find the "before" to this workroom makeover on Always Rooney.

(Image credit: All Things with Purpose)

You'll never guess what Sarah of All Things With Purpose used to create her shiplap-style kitchen backsplash. Give up? Vinyl peel-and-stick flooring planks.

(Image credit: Table & Hearth)

Table & Hearth's gray accent wall—made by cutting plywood into strips—proves that shiplap doesn't have to be painted white.