The Best Tips and Tricks for the 5-Year Old Nintendo Wii

It's time to sing "Happy Birthday!" Nintendo's groundbreaking motion gaming console, the Ninteno Wii, turns five years old this week, celebrating half a decade of coaxing gamers off their couches. Besides making us feel old beyond our years (half a decade?!), the news of it's quintan anniversary has us itching to dust off our consoles and play with our Wii.

The Ninteno Wii falls near the top of the list of gear you bought, but never use for most folks.

But in honor of the motion gaming console's fifth birthday (it was released on November 19, 2006), why not vow to spend a little more time with your Wii? If you're looking for a little fire to start up an old flame, check out these tips, tricks and roundups for the best ways to use your Wii: