The Billy Bookcase Index


You may have heard of the Big Mac index — where The Economist magazine lists prices of McDonald's Big Macs in various countries to get a better handle on the actual value of currency value. Now Bloomberg is comparing IKEA's Billy Bookcase in 38 countries to show exchange rates. Can you guess which country has the cheapest Billy Bookcase?

The Billy Bookcase was cheapest in the United Arab Emirates at AED175 ($47.64) and most expensive in Israel ILS395 ($103.48). The U.S. ranked near the middle with a price of $59.99.
See the full table of bookcase prices in 38 countries on Bloomberg's website.

Roundup: Ideas for IKEA Bookcases
Billy Bookcase Idea

(Image: Flickr member ˜dutch blue's photostream˜ licensed under Creative Commons)

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