The Book Brush by Arik Levy

The Book Brush by Arik Levy

Gregory Han
Dec 16, 2008

Even with a heavy duty air purifier and regular vacuuming around the apartment, our book collection can be a pain to clean, gathering dust like a Katamari dustball. The books at the top of our bookshelves are especially hard to dust; we have to hold up the canister vac while standing on a step ladder to reach the top tomes. Using one of these book brushes might make clean up a little easier for those of us with a decent book collection...

The keen thing about the book brush besides it's book-mimicking form is the different heights of brushes to use across your collection (though we've been known to organize our books by their heights, eliminating the advantage of the brush). Ack, but at $80 each, we think we'd rather use a feather duster/vacuum combo and save the money for MORE books!

[via Better Living Trough Design]

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