The Boozey Bookshelf Hideaway Hack

At first glance, this bookshelf could reside in practically any home in America. It holds the basic office supplies along with binders and books— along with a boozey little secret. Click through to check out what's really hiding here!

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What really appears to be a series of binders in a row, folds open to reveal a secret stash of alcohol! Even if you're not into keeping your adult beverages out of sight, it might still be a great way to hide away a bit of clutter that you still require, but might look unsightly.

It could be used in a living room next to a kitchen that happens to be on the small side, or even in a home office for those just in case times.

Though we're pretty sure if you're needing to work at home, having a few drinks while you're against a deadline won't help much, it might make you a bit braver if you're dying to ask out that certain friend from High School on Facebook. Bottoms up!

(via: Make)
(Image: Vgvmj)

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