For the Little Collector: The Capsule Lamp

When my kids go to the doctor, they always get a "token" that they can use to put into a modified gumball machine. Out comes one of any number of useless toys, housed in one of those bubble canisters that is impossible to open. Usually, I try to dispose of the offending items (fake teeth, plastic bracelets, rubber lizards and the like) as quickly and surreptitiously as possible. But what if I could actually use them as decor?

Design Systems Ltd, a Hong Kong-based design firm, came up with the idea of the capsule lamp, and I find it kind of mesmerizing. A pendant lamp fixture, each wooden dowel is capped with a small hook on which hangs a capsule containing a small child's toy. The overall effect is modern and whimsical, and it would be great in a kid's room or a playroom.

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Since each capsule is hung on a hook at the end of the wooden poles, you can remove them easily for cleaning, changing the contents, or simply to reduce the number of items displayed.

The lamp doesn't appear to be for sale right now, so I'm anxiously awaiting someone's DIY tutorial. Who's gonna hook me up?

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(Images: Design Systems Ltd; Via Craft.)

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