The Chicest Multi-Purpose Charging Power Pack

The Chicest Multi-Purpose Charging Power Pack

Elizabeth Giorgi
Jun 23, 2014
(Image credit: Elizabeth Giorgi)

Product: ZipStick Portable Power with Light + Alarm
Price: $34.99
Rating: Recommend*

Portable chargers are pretty much a new purse requirement. I don't leave for a trip or even a long day of meetings without one. I partially blame myself for overusing my phone and tablet, but this is the reality we live in. While the ZipStick is a nice addition to the market for sheer aesthetics, there are a few other features that really make it stand out.

There are more than a few portable charging sticks on the market, and most of them run between $20 and $70, depending on how much power they promise to provide and how many charges they can deliver. For me, I won't bother with any charger that won't fully charge a dead battery at least twice. For most smartphones, you'll need to look at chargers that start around 2500 to 3000 mah to achieve this. The ZipStick is advertised as 2200 mah.

(Image credit: Elizabeth Giorgi)

In a side by side comparison, the ZipStick was a close match for the Anker Astro charger. Both delivered two full charges of a smartphone with a little juice left over. The Zipstick is more than twice the price of the basic Anker, but the one major downside of the Astro is that it runs ridiculously hot when charging. The metal casing makes it dangerous about 2/3rds of the way through charging a phone. By comparison, the ZipStick gets mildly warm, but never hot.

The other key features of the ZipStick are the flashlight and panic alarm. I can appreciate these features, especially since this particular product is aimed directly at women. Think of it as a more high-tech rape whistle. Even when I thought the charger was completely out of juice, the panic alarm still worked.

(Image credit: Elizabeth Giorgi)

From a design perspective, it's definitely more chic than some of the other external chargers out there. It gets bonus points for coming in a variety of colors and patterns, too. The faceted white one we were sent had a really nice feel and stands out from other designs.

Pros: Multi-functional charger with a smart design. The faceted panels offer a different and attractive design. Flashlight is actually pretty effective and well integrated.

Cons: Only get two charges out of the ZipStick. The plastic casing is a little worrying because it will likely be tossed in a bag.

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