The City Out My Window by Matteo Pericoli

The City Out My Window by Matteo Pericoli

Sparrow King
Jan 15, 2010
David Byrne. "I think of my view as pretty typical for a New Yorker. We look out our windows at other windows. That, in a way, mirrors our lives here -- we are constantly looking at each other, millions of us, on the streets and elsewhere."

Released towards the end of last year, Matteo Pericoli’s book The City Out My Window gives us all an illustrated glimpse of the views from New Yorkers’ homes and offices.

Here at Apartment Therapy we focus on the views inside people’s homes more than the views from the inside to the outside. Pericoli’s exquisitely detailed drawings lend a more intimate feeling to the view than even a photograph could and reveal an otherwise secret peek into these New Yorkers lives. Pericoli goes one step further and asks them to comment on the views. Some declined — feeling it was too personal — while others oblige.

Images: Matteo Pericoli

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