Even though you're hard presses this time of year to find someone who isn't full of holiday cheer, it's easy to feel a little overwhelmed by all the projects and parcels. So to keep things lively, we present to you, the coolest dinosaur bed — ever.

Although you aren't able to crawl inside the mouth of a T-Rex in most dinosaur themed rooms, this one makes that dream a reality. Or a reality a nightmare depending on your youngster. We have a feeling we would have felt safer with a stick to keep things propped open like they do in the movies (though we did watch Luke take down the Rancor monster more than a few times).

The bottom jaw of the dinosaur is hinged to reveal a built in toy box and other assorted murals throughout the space carry on the pre-historic island theme. Even if this sort of thing isn't your idea of a good time, you have to admit, the craftsmanship and coolness level of this out-of-the-box-bedding is a job well done!

Thanks 3Murphys!

(via: 3Murphys via Geekologie)
(Images: 3Murphys)