(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Picnics have always had a touch of the genteel about them. Wicker cases full of artfully stored china and cutlery. A bright checkered tablecloth covering lush green grass, preferably under an ancient tree with long lateral branches. Champagne, or maybe all the makings of a delightfully refreshing Pimm's Cup. Just you, your beloved, and Radio Raheem. That's right. Raheem is back and he is crashing your picnic.

Are bucolic fields in short supply where you live? Boxsal has you covered. Their Urban Picnic Box is the coolest way to eat out since the Fonz ate at Arnold's Drive-In. Not only is the box great looking, it contains all the plates, bowls, cutlery, and napkins you will need for a party of four with plenty of room left over for your Triscuits and Port Wine Cheese. Better yet, everything inside is compostable, and the box itself is recyclable cardboard (but we cannot imagine anyone simply tossing this box in the bin when it has served its original purpose). Get yourself an Urban Picnic Box and even your most jaded child may look forward to your next meal in the great outdoors.