The Cost of Green: American Pride

The Cost of Green: American Pride

Jonathan B.
Oct 2, 2007

Our sources report a significant price hike for American Pride paint. Retail prices are likely to increase by $7 to $10. This is disappointing to us, as it used to be our default recommendation for cost-effective, Zero VOC paint. But now American Pride is in the same price bracket as other paints with green cred, like Yolo Colorhouse.

We don't mind spending upwards of $40 on a gallon of paint, but we're sad that there's no longer a green product that can compete solely on the basis of price with Home Depot's Behr brand. Behr is not marketed as a green product, but delivers excellent performance for the price.

We're wondering if this is a function of simple economics: us consumers have demonstrated quite clearly that we are willing to pay a bit more for green products, so manufacturers are leaving money on the table if they don't raise their prices accordingly.

What do you think is going on here?

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