The Cure: Week 6.0 - Light Therapy

The Cure: Week 6.0 - Light Therapy

Maxwell Ryan
May 16, 2006

(Pic of the week: Jess's new nasturtiums from the Grand Army greenmarket)

Quote of the Week from P2:
"I can really, really empathize with you... but just keep repeating "It will get worse before it gets better." IT WILL. But the interim upheaval is extremely disheartening. (the smaller the space, the worse the perception of the upheaval, too) Been there!!! Hang in!"

Editor's note: Go Joan!

How is it going now??? And as you answer that, let me say that this is one of my favorite weeks, because the bathroom is the smallest room and new lighting and re-painting are the two simplest fixes for any sick home. For those of you who are working through the Deep Treatment, this week you dive into the bathroom with a gusto and clear out all those little bottles and old combs that have been growing wild over the past year. Be ruthless. Clear it all out and then buy yourself a few luxuries that will really make this room a retreat. For those working on the One Room Remedy, study your lighting closely and do what you can to bump up the light, install at least three lighting points and cover any glaring bulbs or unflattering light. Continued below...
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