(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Dacor 30" Discovery IQ Oven
$4,499.00 (ETA Summer 2013)

The Dacor 30" Discovery IQ is definitely operating on a higher plane than the traditional kitchen oven in both features and price. Because inside the stainless steel 30” built-in wall convection oven's walls is a Samsung 1GHZ processor with 512MB DDR2 RAM, a PowerVR SGX 540 GPU, wi-fi chip, and 7” LCD glass touch screen panel up front...basically a PC hiding under kitchen appliance clothing. All that digital horsepower means the Android OS powered oven can download cooking apps from the Google Play Store, push notifications when a meal is finished cooking to connected mobile devices, offer the ability to browse/search online, and connect to a pre-programmed interactive cooking application and guide from smartphones or tablets. Will the Discovery IQ make you a better cook? Possibly. Will it wow your tech-loving friends? Certainly.