The Daily Scavenger: Southern Edition


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Can you tell what the $20 item pictured above is? It had me scratching my head a moment and isn't something you can find in stores today. Any guesses?

AUSTIN: Hat Stand — $20
MIAMI: Purple Sofa — $795
MIAMI: Retro Bench — $160
CHARLOTTE: Metal Cabinets — $110
CHARLOTTE: Coffee Table — $200
CHARLOTTE: Mid Century Chair — $175
ATLANTA: Bookshelves — $80
ATLANTA: Herman Miller — $175
RALEIGH: Pod Chairs — $150
RALEIGH: Pair Chairs — $150
RALEIGH: Spotlights — $240
NEW ORLEANS: Pair Chairs — $175
NEW ORLEANS: Zebra Chairs — $900
FAYETTEVILLE: Runner — $790
OKLAHOMA CITY: Dining Set — $200
OKLAHOMA CITY: Arco Lamp — $200
HOUSTON: Floor Lamp — $60
AUSTIN: Grandfather Clock — $195
AUSTIN: Boxing Gloves — $175
AUSTIN: Antique Ship's Hatch — $800

Apartment Therapy is not the seller of these items. This is an edited selection of our favorite offerings from other independent sources. Please check the item's link for the original source. Happy Scavenging!

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