The Daily Scavenger: Southern Edition


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Normally I'm a $100 and under type girl, but I'm making an exception today in the south. There's several big budget items for sale, but they're kind of the bees knees. Not literally, that would just be weird.

MIAMI: Knoll Chairs — $3200
ATLANTA: Christmas Tree — $135
ATLANTA: Coffee Table — $300
ATLANTA: Desk — $40
ATLANTA: Bronze Pendant — $100
ORLANDO: Clock — $400
ORLANDO: Tea Cart — $60
ORLANDO: Desk — $75
ORLANDO: Shell Chairs — $58
MIAMI: Black Table — $4400
MEMPHIS: Dresser — $200
MEMPHIS: Lockers — $125
NASHVILLE: Side Table — $125
NASHVILLE: Credenza — $650
BIRMINGHAM: Serving Cart — $60
JACKSON: Headboard — $1995
JACKSON: Mirror — $20
OKLAHOMA CITY: Headboard — $135
OKLAHOMA CITY: Ottoman — $50
OKLAHOMA CITY: Coat Rack — $40

Apartment Therapy is not the seller of these items. This is an edited selection of our favorite offerings from other independent sources. Please check the item's link for the original source. Happy Scavenging!

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