The Dangerous Book for Boys Game and More

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The Dangerous Book for Boys was a publishing phenomenon and the franchise keeps growing (first with the pocket editions) with more battery and electricity-free ideas for keeping boys (and girls we might add) entertained, curious and inspired.

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Fans of the book will especially like the board game ($15) which draws heavily on content from the book to test players' knowledge and employ their skills to complete solo and group challenges in an effort to "build" a raft to sail off the deserted island you've been shipwrecked on.

For those looking to go more in-depth with some of the tricks and puzzles from the book, there are a slew of supplements ($13.48) to choose from: card games, card tricks, sleight of hand, illusions, and magic.

To us, the appeal of the classic, back-to-basics approach of The Dangerous Book for Boys products is their ability to bring generations together - sons, fathers, grandfathers. So far we haven't seen off-shoots of The Daring Book for Girls, but you never know...

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