The Darkest Of Them All: Camille Rose Garcia's Snow White

Back around Halloween, we celebrated the deliciously dark art of Camille Rose Garcia. I'm thrilled to say she's worked her magic yet again, with a modern & macabre take on the classic Snow White by the Brothers Grimm...

Her books are always gorgeous (I recently purchased The Magic Bottle for a young friend), full of fascinating details, and insanely well-priced. Snow White is available from SFMOMA for only $14.95 — that is a lot of art for $14.95. But if you've got a bit of spare change lying about, her limited-edition prints are incredibly lush. There's The Poisoned Apple (love that worried bunny), The Dwarves Arrive Home, The Witch's Laboratory, and The Suffocating Corset. For a bit of free fun, I recommend Camille Rose Garcia's video of the making of Snow White. What an enormous amount of work goes into a project like this!

(Images: all paintings by Camille Rose Garcia, book cover from SFMOMA)