The DaysAgo Digital Counter

The DaysAgo Digital Counter

Julia Cho
May 14, 2007

We were cleaning out our fridge this weekend, and once again, we had to throw out a few more things than we would've wanted to- mostly because we just weren't sure how long they were in there! It's a phenomenon all too familiar to many busy parents, and certainly not a risk you want to take once you have little mouths to feed. It was just this train of thought that led two friends to create the DaysAgo Digital Counter.

It's simple really- just attach the counter by magnetic or suction base, and press the button for five seconds to set the timer. No more guessing how many "Days Ago" you put that formula in there. Not only can you use it for express milk, or baby food, but you can always use it for various things like watering the plants or remembering when to take medication.

These guys won the 2007 Good Buy Award from Good Housekeeping, and they've been getting a ton of press everywhere from Real Simple to Oprah. Ten bucks will buy you a 2 pack here . While you're there, check out the Fresh Tips Page to refresh your mind on just how long different kinds of food will last.

Once you are a busy parent, it's certainly easy to let a lot of things slide. So, we're curious- what other uses for the DaysAgo Digital Counter can you come up with?

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