The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings
Regina Yunghans
Oct 10, 2007

Everyday life unfolds in photos and written word in The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings...

When Albert Hastings was eighty-five years old, photographer KayLynn Deveney moved near his small flat in Wales. KayLynn took notice of the small rituals and routines—gardening, laundry, grocery shopping—that made up Bert's life. A friendship slowly developed as KayLynn began photographing parts of Bert's day. The two developed a simple yet effective method of storytelling—with KayLynn's images and Albert's handwritten text—and the project evolved into The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings a poignant and profound chronicle of aging, living alone, and the small things that make up our daily lives. Containing seventy-eight photographs along with poems written by Bert, his clock drawings, and personal family photographs, The Day-to-Day Life of Albert HastingsÊgives the reader a glimpse into one man's life, we can only imagine what stories are left untold.

Via: Swiss Miss.

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