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We've extolled the DIY virtues of decorative masking tape a few times here on Apartment Therapy, including this colorful keyboard makeover. Jamielyn of DIY blog, I Heart Nap Time, shared another project over at the Windows Experience Blog, using colorful tape for a laptop makeover...
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
After cleaning the laptop's top case with a Q-tip and a litte bit of rubbing alcohol, it's a fairly easy process of lining up the tape and cutting to size, only limited by your imagination and selection of tape colors and patterns:
You can find patterned tape (also known as washi tape) at cutetape.com, Target, Michaels, and other craft stores. It comes in all sorts of colors, patterns, and sizes. It costs about $2 a roll.

All I did was roll the tape across the top of my lap top, pushing it down as I went and then cut it off at the edge. I continued my way down with different colors and patterns to give my computer a fun and unique look. This tape will not leave a sticky residue on your computer, which is great for someone like me who changes her mind quite often.

Crafting with Jamielyn-How to Make Really Cool Laptop Covers At Home via Windows Experience Blog.

(Image: I Heart Nap Time)