The Drapers' New Living Room Decor

Mad Men

The fabulous 60's decor in TV show Mad Men is a great inspiration here on Apartment Therapy. In last night's new episode (Season 3 Episode 7 "Seven Twenty Three"), Betty Draper and her decorator unveiled new living room decor to Don. Later in the episode, Betty adds another piece of furniture to the room -- which horrifies her decorator.

The new items include silk dupioni drapes, a Dunbar Japanese-influenced sofa, Murano vases, a modern Chinoiserie breakfront, and a classic Drexel end table. Betty later adds an antique "fainting couch" to the room, to the horror of her decorator. What do you think of the room pre- and post-fainting couch?
See more of the new living room in this short "sneak peak" video from AMC of Mad Men, Season 3 Episode 7 "Seven Twenty Three" and hear the set decorator Amy Well discuss the living room decor in the video Inside Mad Men: The Draper Living Room

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(Images: still frames from AMC's "sneak peak" video of Mad Men, Season 3 Episode 7 "Seven Twenty Three." and video Inside Mad Men: The Draper Living Room)