The Dyson Ball in the test lab

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Product: The DC 15 Ball
Designer: James Dyson
Price: $600

Rating: Strong Recommendation

A year later: We continue to be very impressed with this vacuum after using it for a year. Of particular note, the Ball is sooooo easy to clean out and you never have to touch the dust and dirt.

Also, it's not as heavy as people say the earlier vacuums were. It is very easy to pick up and move around.

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We had a chance to test The Ball for a whole afternoon earlier this week and, honestly, we've never had so much fun using a vacuum.

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Super powerful, beautifully designed, really nice to manuever and easy to clean, this is one heck of a vacuum. Our only concerns had to do with rather unlikely issues. For New York apartment dwellers this is TOO MUCH vacuum given its size and though we appreciate the form follows function styling, the Ball just ain't too pretty in our eyes.


  • A powerful sucker! (really, it will surprise you)
  • Super easy to maneuver (especially under furniture)
  • Shows you your dirt
  • Easy to clean
  • Awesome extension wand design
  • Hepa Filter
  • Well made (you can feel it)
  • The attachments actually stay in place


  • Big for urban apartments
  • Doesn't look sexy to us (but it IS distinctive)
  • Price is high for some (although we think a good vacuum is worth it)

(Re-Edited from 2005-05-11 - mgr)

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