Before & After: Clean Glass Fixtures the Easy Way with Denture Tablets

Worthwhile Domicile

Pretty glass fixtures are a joy to find at auctions, thirft stores or estate sales. The hard part about their purchase is that 9 times out of 10 they're covered in dirt from years gone by and unless you enjoy spending a few hours with a toothbrush, an easier way must be found. Lucky for us, it already has been!

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We stopped in over at Worthwhile Domicile where Tiffany has been dunking her fixtures in a bucket and denture cleaning tablets. Although it sounds a bit odd, we know those little suckers can clean toilets or vases, so why not light fixtures?

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Along with the help of this trick and a few minutes in some bleach water and a good rinse, this fixture is shiny like new and quite the beautiful piece. You can check out the full tutorial and tricks for all the details from the link below.

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(Images: Worthwhile Domicile)