The Easy Way to Install Motion Sensor Closet Lights

You might think that re-fitting your closet or pantry with super-efficient motion-sensing lights is a big, expensive re-wiring project. Well you're wrong. Thanks to the ingenuity of one home blogger (and her house inspector dad), we now know the secret to cheap motion lights. (Hint: It's Christmas Lights!)

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Kelly at View Along the Way knew she needed to get some kind of easy lighting up in her kitchen pantry for late night snack breaks. But thanks to local ordinances, she was unable to safely install an incandescent bulb in the small closet.

What's a dedicated late-night snacker to do? Get creative by fitting an outlet with a motion-sensor light switch. This way, anything plugged into the outlet will automatically shut on and off when the pantry door opens. And what's plugged into the outlet? A string of cool-as-a-cucumber LED Christmas lights—an after-the-holiday steal at $2.50.

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The lights were mounted around the inside of the door frame for all-over light in the pantry. Check out the whole project here at View Along the Way.

If you don't have an outlet or light switch in your closet or pantry, try something like these stick-on LED motion lights (below, 3 for $26.40). You won't get the same all-over light coverage, but they're an easy fix for focused light.

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View Along the Way via Lifehacker

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