The Encounter Restaurant at LAX

The Encounter Restaurant at LAX

Jun 1, 2007

We've always been curious about the swanky Encounter Restaurant at LAX, but if you're like us we only remember it's there as we are running for a terminal at full speed to make our plane.

The iconic Googie architecture was built in 1960/61 and in 1996 "The Mouse" stepped in and gave the place a little Los Angeles-style face lift.

Because Disney is so good at what they do they thought about the whole experience starting with the light show outside and the elevator or 'space ship" ride up with moody music. As the head of the Disney Team responsible for the remodel Eddie Sotto said: " We wanted the inside to feel like an "intergalactic in flight" lounge. The kinda place George Jetson, James Bond and Barbarella could drink together."

If you would like to see more photographs of the lounge please visit our source The Lope: The Future was so Cool in 1961 for a more detailed account [source corrected; the original photographer and writer notified us].

Readers...possibly our next AT:LA get together? Now that would be a party to blog about!

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