The Etsy Edward Cullen Collection

When the Twilight movie first came out we did a post on the decor of Edward Cullen's room, which we thought was great looking. Clearly the release of that film was just the beginning of a Robert Pattinson explosion - there are pages and pages of Edward Cullen-themed goodies available on Etsy. We couldn't resist pulling...

... some of the more home-decor based ones to share, after all, some of the Apartment Therapy readers may be searching for a Pattinson pillowcase!

Top Row, left to right:
1. Robert Pattinson Pillowcase for $15
2. Edward Cullen Silhouette Laptop Decal for $7
3. "I Love You More Than Edward Cullen" Card for $2
4. Edward and Bella Coffee Cup Sleeve for $9
5. Edward Cullen Print for $12.50

Bottom row, left to right:
6. Edward Cullen Doll for $17.
7.Twilight Blanket for $29
8. New Moon Clock for $10

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