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Name: Danielle Moss
Location: Chicago, Illinois

Danielle Moss is a woman of many talents: co-founder/editor of The Everygirl, founder of blog Breakfast at Toast, a freelance graphic designer and photographer, social media consultant, and somehow in her spare time, an avid CrossFitter. And because her life revolves around online and she spends a great deal of time at her desk, she decided to make it as comfortable, stylish, and organized all in quite a small space set aside in her living room...

"I spend almost all of my time at my desk. I have some sweet little notes, a signed Louboutin box top from my sister and a few other things on my pin board that make me smile. I bought the vintage camera during my first visit to Randolph Street Market and the D was a birthday gift from one of my best friends. The basket & boxes provide extra storage for cords, office supplies, receipts etc."

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Images: Stoffer Photography

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