The Fall Cure: Graduation!

The Fall Cure: Graduation!

Laure Joliet
Nov 12, 2007

Congratulations to the LA Cure Class of Fall '07!
Wow, think back to 2 months ago--what a change! You guys have all done such a wonderful job making your homes healthy. And I see a lot of resolve to continue this work, so keep checking in with us! You should all be proud of the changes you've made on whatever level you were able to stick with the Cure. Maxwell has put together a master list of all cure graduates, if you don't see yourself then let us know so we can add you.

Without further ado, I present the Class of Fall '07 and announce the next Cure to start on Monday, March 3rd:

Class of Fall '07:
Look for links to their pics on their personal pages

Alana in Canada
AmandaC / suziegoombs... (more below)

sarah mac

Maxwell would like to send each of you a Cure Diploma. If you are on the list below and would like one, please email maxwell @ apartmenttherapy . com and put CURE in the subject header.

Check out the Cure in all 4 Home city sites:

Chicago & their Flickr group
San Francisco & their Flickr group
Los Angeles & their Flickr Group
New York & our Flickr group
Green Home & their Flickr Group

(The last post is here - all Worksheets are here - The Book Blog is here)
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