The Fall Cure: Week 8

The Fall Cure: Week 8

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 21, 2006

This beautiful pic is from Mythabby. It was taken by her cousin, Jellel, and sits in her bedroom where it makes her happy every morning.

Final stretch... really. You have one more week to go. This is the most important week. This is the last week in which you'll have the full power of the group behind you and you will begin to let go. That is as it should be. 8 weeks is a long time and you have been working very hard mentally and physically, holding your home in a very special way.

This is also an important week because it is Thanksgiving. After all of this work on yourself (really), it is fitting that you should direct your attention to others, give thanks and spread some love. This completes the Cure.

I didn't write this in the book because I didn't know it at the time, but I see it very clearly now. In the eight weeks we take a journey very deep inside of our home and we block out a great deal to get our work done. We are strengthening our own inner practice. But in the end we must bring what we have made back out to the world. After taking care of ourselves, we now practice love through selflessly sharing our home, our food, and our drink with others. And you needn't be at home to do this. Your work in the 8 weeks has prepared you for this wherever you are.

So Thanksgiving is perfect. It's a holiday that everyone can share, in which food is central and which is all about the simplicity of thankfulness.

With the joy that you've gained from working on your home and sharing with this group, try to bring that to some of those around you in the next week and beyond. Give it away and see what happens.

This Week's Assignment:

This week is all about party preparation on every level so whatever your schedule is leading you towards this week, whether it's travelling, staying home or going out, see if you can get yourself and your home into the party spirit.

There will be no post later this week due to the holiday, but I am already looking forward to a group sharing after the weekend.

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