The Films of Charles and Ray Eames

The Films of Charles and Ray Eames

Sep 18, 2006

Did you miss the Eames Film Festival at DWR? Now you can have your very own film festival at home with a six-volume DVD set of The Films of Charles and Ray Eames.

The Eameses made over 100 short films, ranging from 1 to 30 minutes in length. Subjects are far reaching and include the following: toy tops, vintage trains, the world of Franklin and Jefferson, simple sea creatures, the qualities of the Eames House, and the explanation of advanced mathematical and scientific concepts. They show the couple's love of the honest use of materials and the beauty of common things.

Perfect for both you and your little fledgling design lover.

$80 at DWR and Eames Office. Three volumes available at Modernseed.

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