The Floating Bed

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We saw the Floating Bed at CABoom II and were able to get up close, inspect it and slip inside for a little rest. The bed (around $2,500, plus) is a bit of a monstrosity, but once you get in you don’t want to leave. And you won't get the feeling of being caught like a fish in a net. The firm, solid base lets you relax that much more…literally like a swinging bed.

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There are many options and accessories, including custom sheets and tent coverings which were all a little too "hippy-magical" for our taste. We prefer to see the strings and mechanics of it all. There is also a stand so you don’t have to hang it from the ceiling.

In truth we can’t really imagine this being used as an actual bed (unless you’re 12), but on a deck or back yard, this might be the most relaxing afternoon nap you will ever take. AH

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