The Floor Cushion Gets A Grownup Makeover

Remember awhile back when we talked about these diy floor cushions? Well we loved the project then and if it's possible, we love it even more now that it's been revamped. It's been tufted, the fabric changed up and can we talk about the delicious pom pom fringe? Now for the kicker, it's been stuffed with something new!

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The inside of this pouf is no longer filled with batting (so much batting), instead it's been packed with bean bag filler! You could raid your local thrift store in hopes of finding a bean bag to gut, but we're guessing it's just as easy to order some replacement beads from Amazon.

Susan over at Living With Punks has dressed up this floor cushion with a little extra pizazz as it's been trimmed out with pom poms and a bit of leather or something similar in nature. We're pretty sure we'd like a few of these in adult sizes as well! Check out all the details over at Living With Punks.

(Image: Living With Punks)

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