The Folding Table: A Small Space Multifunctional Workhorse

The Folding Table: A Small Space Multifunctional Workhorse

Angie Cho
Sep 8, 2011

Modestly sized homes are lean, clean, efficient machines. They have the ability to consume less energy and less stuff. Living lean doesn't mean sacrificing simple pleasures like entertaining, hobbies, or making and building things. Folding tables turn any area of your home into a pop-up dining area, workshop or studio that quickly disappears once you're finished. First you see it, then you don't. Read more for details...

The Many Functions of the Folding Table:
  • Dining table for friends and family.
  • Setting up a buffet table of food and drinks.
  • Gathering a group for working, studying or sharing hobbies.
  • Assembling furniture.
  • Crafting and doing hobbies.
  • Refurbishing furniture and home accessories.
  • Sewing, hemming and repairing clothing.
  • Potting plants (outdoor or patio).

(Shown above the jump, from left to right)

1. Demonstration of how efficient a folding table can be. The particular table is the IKEA Norden folding table.
2. Iceberg IndestrucTable TOO Bifold Resin Folding Table, made with 35% recycled plastic. $153.98 from Shoplet
3. Long Bamboo Folding Table, $103.00 from Linens 'n Things

(Images: As linked, and Roger Mommaerts for use under Creative Commons)

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