(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

An entryway provides an immediate glimpse into the style and personality of the rest of your home so why would you want to waste that valuable first impression on a utilitarian coat rack? The Frame Hanger will provide the right balance of modernity and humor along with a graphic punch.

Of course, that sort of statement comes at a high price — $2,119 to be exact. But in defense of the Frame Hanger, it is a nearly 6 foot tall statement. Made with a plywood core and a melamine veneer, it is a different color on each side. If you are bored with black, flip it over to the white side. It is also available in two styles — the Tree and the Chandelier.

While I won't be immediately ordering one of these for my entryway, I appreciate the design and decorative punch this could give to a space (imagine black walls with the white tree).

The Frame Hanger is available from Generate.

Found via The Office Stylist