The Free Art Machine

The Free Art Machine

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 2, 2012

091212-chicago2.jpg There is art around every corner of the internet, and it's a great place for artists to get exposure, get noticed and support themselves. I'd like to take a moment to mention something super special coming out of Chicago and to a corner of the world near you — The Free Art Machine.

The Free Art machine is a self sustaining project that Chicago residents Leo Rosen and Max Goldman have been hosting for the last several years. The two have combined their super-hero powers and have started an art show and gallery based on photographic submissions from folks who visit their website. The duo then prints and "frames" each piece on a block of wood with the Chicago the Beautiful stamp on the back. At gallery openings this art is free to take, and folks support the effort by donating a few bucks if they take more than one. There are no hidden fees or strings attached, it's just free art for the people.

The idea is noble — to give free art to the community and let folks choose pieces they identify with. Rosen and Goldman are looking to make it span all sorts of spaces in Chicago, and even major metropolitan areas across the country.

Read More: The Free Art Machine on Kickstarter from Chicago The Beautiful

(Images: Chicago The Beautiful)

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