The Furniture of Ib Kofod Larsen

Danish designer Ib Kofod Larsen was an architect and furniture designer. His mid-century modern furniture designs were popular in his day, and they're currently seeing a resurgence in popularity (and expense!) 9 years after his death. Here's a peek at our favorites from Kofod Larsen:

Kofod Larsen was one of the most influential designers for England's G-Plan furniture maker. Some of his designs could be taken for minimalist contemporary pieces being designed today (like the sideboard pictured third in the gallery above).

Shown above:
1) Lounge chair for Christensen & Larsen, 1950s
2) The Elizabeth sofa and chair, 1956
3) Sideboard manufactured by Faarup, 1960s
4) Mahogany and brass arm chair, 1950s
5) Scandinavian Sofa

(Images: 1. Danish Modern LA, 2., 3. Artnet, 4. 1st Dibs, 5. Bloomberry)

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