The Future of Cell Phone Communication?

David O'Reilly, an animator and filmmaker, has created an iPhone application, iHologram, that acts as if it were a hologram. For now, it's just an animation of a little running cartoon cat from a film of his, but in the future, this could be how we message each other Princess Leia-style. The video of his successful application is under the jump, as is a less-than-convincing mock up of a hologram message...

The application works by assuming a constant viewing angle of 35-45 degrees, as if looking down on the iPhone on a tabletop. The 3D scene’s perspective is warped using anamorphosis, a warped perspective, but updates dynamically using the iPhone’s built-in gyroscope to calculate rotation on the y-axis. In layman's terms: We can look around the video environment by turning the device (there are also controls for manual rotation with a slider on the left hand side of the screen).

A less successful hologram message: