The Gallery: Becky Yazdan

The Gallery: Becky Yazdan

amy chase
May 10, 2006

Summer, oil on canvas, 72" x 60", 2004
Introducing Becky Yazdan. These luscious paintings keep my attention because they are a shifty. Certain passages suggest spaces and objects i can almost recognize, and then I look again, and whatever i recognized has danced off to hide in the beautiful paint handling of colors, textures and gesture. Is this happening for anyone else?

Man In A Rat Suit, oil on linen, 60" x 72", 2005
Turns out, that shiftiness may be exactly Yazdan's point. All of her works begin with a footing in the real world of remembered experience, then move outward (or inward as the case may be) from there.

Sunday, oil on canvas, 24" x 20", 2004
In the artist's words: "When I paint I try to find the balance between intuition and intellect, so that the process of painting becomes an active dialogue with the phenomena of nature. Much of my painting is done away from the canvas, whether I am running along the Westside Highway or lying in bed close to sleep. Running, like sleep, is a way to suppress the intellectualization of perceptual experience."

Pod, oil on linen, 11" x 13", 2006

Diacyclops, oil on clay board, 10" x 8", 2004
She has also done an intriguing series of small drawings on pages torn from literature that explores memory, such as the one below on the text of Nabokov's Speak Memory.

Speak, Memory #2, mixed media, 8" x 5.25", 2005
Prices range from $200 - $300 for small paintings (8"x10", 11"x14), $500 - $1200 for mid-size (36" x 42", 48" X 36") and start at $2000 for the large ones (60" x 72", 84" x 72").

Lumbar, oil on canvas, 60" x 48", 2006
Inquiries? Please contact the artist directly via email, or you can go through The Brooklyn Collective which has Becky's work on exhibition right now in their gallery at 198 Columbia Street, between Sackett and Degraw in Brooklyn.

A Slow Descent, oil on linen, 8" x 10", 2006
The Brooklyn Collective features a lively array of work by other photographers, painters, sculptors, industrial designers and fashion designers as well. *The artist's own website is linked through her name at the top of the post.
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