The Gallery Beth Weintraub Printmaking

The Gallery Beth Weintraub Printmaking

amy chase
Feb 14, 2008

Perseus. Etching, 20" x 20"

Have your print... and your plate too. Introducing Beth Weintraub Printmaking. Taking inspiration from the mass produced modular furniture movement in the 50s and 60s, Weintraub creates "modular" mix and match artworks where the owner can design their own unique installations to suit their space. While modular-art is not a new idea, Beth is playfully bending traditional printmaking processes to both scale up production, AND keep each piece unique, AND even make the etched printing plate the work of art.

Wait a minute. Isn't the whole idea that (traditionally) prints aim to be identical? Doesn't the artist keep the printing plates? Huh? Let me explain...

First off, here are a few of her most recent botanical prints.

Pavo. Etching, 20 x 20"

Columba. Etching, 20" x 20"

These are printed in editions on paper from the same etched plate, but no two are alike because of her hand-variations of color in the inking process. You can see past editions in the archives on her website, she is releasing new editions of images all the time. These etchings are laminated with a matte finish and are ready to hang as tiles. Each tile is 20 x 20" &" 2.25" thick.

Vela. Etching, 20" x 20"

She also creates tiles that ARE the etched metal plates themselves - hand polished with wax for a satin finish, and mounted ready for hanging.

Cetus. Etched Metal Plate, 20"x 20"

Collumba. Etched Metal Plate, 20"x 20"

Hydra. Etched Metal Plate, 20"x 20"

And here is an example of a multi-plate image.

6-Piece Hydra, Etched Metal Plates, 41 x 62"

She also makes original paintings like these...

White Lily. Gesso on panel, rubbed graphite and ink.14" x 19"

White Pollen. Gesso on panel, rubbed graphite and ink.14" x 19"

The etchings and etched-plate tiles are about $1200 each, with multi-piece works priced accordingly. Weintraub welcomes design challenges -- working with images from clients and/or creating a series of tiles to work in a particular space. Direct all inquiries to the artist via email. Her work is available across the country, to see some in NYC contact the folks at A. Rudin or in Bridgehampton try Comerford & Hennessy.

Know any artists whose work would make a home a lovelier place? Send ideas to The Gallery. Thanks!

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