The Gallery: Chuck Webster

The Gallery: Chuck Webster

amy chase
Dec 7, 2006

Smack. Oil on panel, 12 x 12, 2004

Introducing Chuck Webster

The bright, joyful colors in Webster's work caught my eye first. Then it was the clarity and exuberance of the shapes; they indeed remind me of their titles, but there's so much more that's happened! Some shapes step onto the stage gaily embellished, others have been subjected to pressures or motion, and some newly revealed by a clever twist in point of view.

Blue Brolly. Oil on panel, 39 x 40, 2004

Webster alternates between working on labor intensive, large oil paintings (as above) and more immediate drawings and paintings on paper. I have not seen these oil paintings in person, but understand that their surfaces are sanded-down smooth, creating a shifting glassy/waxy finish. Below are some smaller paintings, including some grouped on a wall. I like how these can clearly hold their own when viewed individualy, and gain momentum as a series.

Potato. Oil on panel, 12 x 10. 2004

Installation view from Hard Candy

Spiky Dumbell. Oil on panel, 11 x 15, 2004

As for his drawings,take notice of the paper. He is a collector of antique papers, scouring ebay for old books, composition notebooks, elderly stacks of stationery from businesses long closed. When he gave me his card, I realized it had been printed on the round-edged corner of book page, aged to the color of perfect toast. Brings an interesting tension to these fresh, bright, refined and iconic images.

Untitled. Mixed media on paper.

Untitled. Mixed media on paper.

Untitled. Mixed media on paper.

Wanted to close with a big "pow"!

Badge. Oil on panel, 40x 40, 2005

His work has been gaining a steady following, turning up in museums, etc ("The Painted World" show at PS1.), but since he works in a variety of scales and media, it's not yet untouchable to the more casual collector. You can still take home one of his drawings for about a $1,000 and enjoying smiling and puzzling over it for years to come. At least, that's what I'd like to do.

He is represented by Zieher Smith at 533 West 25th Street. Inquiries? Please contact fine folks at the gallery directly via email.

Thanks Chuck!

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