The Gallery: David Demers

The Gallery: David Demers

amy chase
Oct 16, 2008

Untitled No.1. Watercolor, 23 x 30

Any AT readers in Shanghai today? I've been keeping an eye on the work of David Demers and he's just assembled a stirring collection of photographs and watercolors. Where's this New Yorker showing them first? The AroundSpace Gallery (located in a former opium dealer's villa) in Shanghai. I can't get there... but we can give you spin around the show.

The watercolors evoke light behind cloudy skies (more in slide show).

No. 2, C-print, 25 x 33

At first the photographs appear to be landscapes, but upon closer inspection, each is a meticulous record of the way light moves through particular materials and surfaces.

No. 1, C-print, 25 x 33

All interested in light - one set captures it through a mechanical process.. the other by hand, flowing paint, and intuition.

Demers is showing alongside Stephan Stiehler from Germany, and contemporary Chinese artist, Chen Qiang, who makes fantastic, intricate dot paintings (below, and one more in slide show).