The Gallery: Gail Flanery

The Gallery: Gail Flanery

amy chase
Dec 13, 2007

Pearly. Pastel Drawing. 20 x 26 inches

Introducing Gail Flanery in whose able hands bugs, bones and jellyfish provoke awe and not the willies, and flowers shift their beauty from friendly to haunting.

Decora. Monoprint. 22 x 30 inches

Flammea. Monoprint. 22 x 30 inches

In the artist's words, "insects are a visual feast of shapes, pattern and texture. They are grotesque and they are exquisite."

Grasshopper. Silk Collograph. 11 x 15 inches

Gray Bone. Watercolor with pastel. 7 x 15 inches

Flanery is drawn to the "primitive, gorgeous and mysterious" forms she finds in nature; sketching the bones and bugs she comes across when fishing in Montana, or drawing what has washed up on the beach…

Strands. Monoprint with handwork. 22 x 30 inches

Atolla. Monoprint. 22 x 30 inches

Light Moonflower. Silk Collograph. 12 x 20 inches

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