The Gallery: Jackie Denning Block Prints

Ever since the 9th grade we have had a deep appreciation for block print artists. Experiencing first hand the true labor of love that goes into each work, the carving, working in negative space and printing each piece by hand, we've always had a soft spot for those who make a living at the medium. Artist Jackie Denning has captured Kansas City at it's best, click through to see her work close up.

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We are especially fond of this series of prints, not just because of our love for Kansas City, but because of their neutral color palate. Not only would it work in our own homes, but would be a great gift for others without fear of matching their personal style and color choices.

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Jackie Denning has been an active artist since her first show in the early 90's. Since then, she has been involved in art fairs, murals, restaurant design, pet portraits, solo and group exhibits, fashion and more. Her mediums include acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, screen printing, silk painting, batik,and block printing.

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You can find more about Jackie on her Kansas Cityscapes page. Her prints are either $30 or $50 depending on size and can be purchased from her directly.

All photos are courtesy of Jackie Denning

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