The Gallery: Jennifer Davis

The Gallery: Jennifer Davis

amy chase
Nov 1, 2007

open air. acrylic/graphite. 24x23"

Introducing Jennifer Davis.

Enjoy these treats from an artist with a wide range of subject matter, and effects haunting, sweet & puzzling. Enjoyed that time in your Halloween costume? Check below, there's one just for you!...

bear. acrylic/collage/graphite. 9.5x14.5"

cover. acrylic/graphite. 12x14.5"

maintain. acrylic/collage/graphite. 8x24

bumpercars. acrylic/graphite. 11.5x16

Mississippi. acrylic/graphite/ink. 12x12"

daytrip. acrylic/graphite. 7.5x13.5

catnip. acrylic/graphite. 10x12"

talking/ walking. acrylic/graphite. 12x23" each

Inquiries? Please contact the artist directly via email. You can also check her blog for more details on prices/availability and to see lots more work!

thanks to karen and tiny show case for the hot tip!

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